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What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a field of therapists who are trained to use music to help many different types of people with their individual goals - 

  • In mental health with children and youth, using music to access emotional expression or self-confidence

  • With seniors in long-term-care, using music as a memory tool or as motivation for physical activity

  • With individuals who have developmental disabilities, using music to help them improve their social well being, focus, or learning capacity.

Music impacts us in many different ways and, as science has discovered, in many areas of the brain. Think about a time when you heard a song you just couldn’t help tapping your toe to... or about a time you were going through a break-up and a song spoke exactly to how you were feeling. Music therapists harness the power of these familiar experiences, and use evidence-based (scientific) approaches to adapt to what the person in front of us needs.

What if I can’t play or read music?

Music therapy doesn't require any previous musical experience from you, only willingness to respond in your own way. Music therapists help individuals of all skill levels to explore rhythms, electronic or acoustic instruments, improvisation, and their own voice in a supportive, therapeutic space. Sometimes the client, therapist, or group listen to favourite music to talk about the lyrics, or to guide a deeper experience. Music therapists also often facilitate songwriting to engage individuals in reflecting on how they feel and telling their own story.

I use music a lot in my personal life, am I doing music therapy?

No, music therapy by definition must include a professional who is trained, like a counsellor or physiotherapist is, to guide the process and keep their eyes and ears open for important signs as to what direction the sessions should go in. You likely use music as a personal resource, to relax or self-motivate, to be creative, or to enjoy with others, of course! Music itself is hugely powerful.

Who is trained to provide Music Therapy at More Than A Song Studios?

More Than A Song Studios is happy to be working with Jessica Jurgenliemk, a music therapy intern currently living in the Ottawa Valley. She completed her 4-year Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, where she studied within the domains of psychology and music, including voice, piano, guitar, percussion, and music production. Currently, she is completing a 1000h internship under the supervision of an experienced music therapist accredited (MTA). After her internship is complete this summer, she will write a board exam to be certified by the Canadian Association of Music Therapists, and recognized across Canada as an MTA.

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