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More Than A Song Studios has a deep rooted history in unique music education.  We offer a distinct gift for encouraging our students to unlock their deepest capacities.  Our signature music membership program is tailored to each student, making sure that each individual goal and passion can be attained… no matter what age!

Knowledge IS power.  And knowing yourself as musician is critical... no matter what level.  We believe that EVERY PERSON has the ABILITY to CREATE and SING music.  It is in our belief that most people have been convinced to dismiss their inner voice and as a result, most lack COURAGE to LEAP into their musical RADIANCE. 

With this philosophy, and gaining the TRUST of our students, we are able to guide and aid students in developing confidence in their musical merit, allowing for students to ATTAIN their goals.

​​Some of our offerings include:

  • Private Vocal Training

  • Group Vocal Training

  • Beginner Piano

  • Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele and Mandolin Lessons

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Workshops (including and not limited to); vocal stamina, contemporary singing, harmony, song writing and song structure, stage presence

  • School Workshops (private, semi private and workshops)

  • Summer Camps

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