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Our Instructors

As an Ottawa Valley girl through and through, growing up in Braeside, Ontario, Danah-Lee studied music and excelled in musical theory. But the groundwork for her knowledge began at a very young age, when she would literally steal the music out of the trash after Sunday morning church services. At the time, she was determined to learn the complexities of chords, vibrations and sounds; wanting to know how each flowed together to create music. Since then, Danah-Lee has learned how to use her knowledge freely and has developed a framework for creating music to express what is happening internally.

Danah-Lee studied music at the former Taylor University College in Edmonton, Canada as well, earning her Contemporary Voice Teaching Diploma from the Voice College in London, U.K. Danah toured throughout North America with her music and after a life changing winter vehicle rollover, (which nearly took her life), Danah-Lee put all of her love and energy into building her dream of teaching students of all ages.



Contemporary Voice, Piano

Lesson Locations:

  • Renfrew, ON

  • Arnprior, ON

  • Online Lessons


David Campbell is a versatile teacher, mentor and composer-musician who has a large body of material in a variety of styles and fields. Over the years, he has toured extensively around the globe with many musical acts.  David is a successful composer of many notable TV soundtracks - Nature of Things, Vinyl Cafe, For Better or For Worse, Sniz and Fondue and many others. 


As an active guitar player, songwriter and producer, David is the cornerstone in several bands ranging from folk, progressive rock, and many stops between. As a music educator, he brings music to life, and students can relate to his kind nature and immediately feel comfortable to dig into their true potential.  David plays all things stringed, keys and dabbles in percussion.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a gift at More Than A Song Studios.  David studied at Humber College.


Guitar, Bass, Ukulele,

Mandolin, Banjo, Piano

​Lesson Locations:​

  • Renfrew, ON

  • Arnprior, ON

  • Online Lessons

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