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Piano Basics makes learning the piano - EASIER!

Danah Has Created A Piano Program

That  Allows For People Of ALL AGES

To Understand AND Play Music!


Get Piano Basics Delivered Right To Your Door!

This is YOUR kick-off to obtaining step-by-step knowledge; all for the enjoyment of playing the piano.  This book was created to assist people of any age to learn about, and to love the piano.

The explanations and language used in this book are basic. This ensures an easy read and keeps concepts simple.  We never want to overcomplicate basic concepts. It is in our experience that keeping things light and fun allows for greater success.


So sit up tall as a timber, and let your fingers do the walkin' and the talkin'.

Some of the items you'll learn from

Piano Basics -

☑️piano exercises that are systematically ordered to create a gradual approach

☑️tips and tricks

☑️understanding the patterns and the language

☑️middle C and navigating the keyboard

☑️body, finger and hand posture

☑️familiarity with the middle C position

☑️learning about the clefs

☑️familiarity with the staff

☑️chapter recaps

☑️notation, rhythm and time

☑️music fundamentals

☑️the grand staff



☑️upbeat/ pick up notes

☑️how to create dynamics and dynamic changes

☑️and many other items...

Get Piano Basics


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